About Us

Wild Rose Montrose owners

Planted comfortably in the beautiful San Juan Mountains located in Montrose, Colorado. Situated neatly near the Telluride Ski Resort, you'll find the Wild Rose doing what we do best, helping you look great! That's why we started the Wild Rose. To help you look great at work and play.

Wild Rose features fashion for your lifestyle.Shop for the latest fashion at Wild Rose. We carry Footwear, Evening Wear, Young Men's and Women's Fashions and of Course Lingerie. If its Hot you'll find it at Wild Rose!

Wild Rose is one of the oldest businesses on Main Street and has been owned and operated by Sandy and David Schlauger since 1994.  Their goal is to provide personalized customer service and the best products available.  The items sold in the store are fun, unique and always up to date on the latest trends.  “We sell things that people cannot normally find in a small town,” David said.  “We sell the best of the best.”  Instead of just one thing , the couple focuses on having a diverse selection of items, from wigs to skateboards, costumes, street wear, lingerie, tuxedos, sunglasses and more.  They aim to have something for anyone of any age.

Because they sell clothes that are trendy, people have their misconception that Wild Rose only caters to teenagers.  “We get along with kids really well, but also sell to adults,” Sandy explained.  “We have even had a 80 year old woman come in and buy a skirt.”  The pleasant and outgoing couple is passionate about their business.  “I absolutely love what I do,” Sandy said.  “I am in here every day working in the store and it is a lot of fun.”


“When someone comes in here looking for something and we have that certain something that makes them happy, then that makes me happy,” David added.  Wild Rose intends on staying current with the style trends of the day, but have no plans for getting any bigger or smaller.  David said, “We have been here for a long time and we hope to stay right here on Main Street for a long time.”